ELEVEN: Drew Linden + Squire Strahan

On Friday, September 9, we’re excited to open a brand new exhibit on the walls of our shop – “Eleven,” featuring resident artist Drew Linden and visiting artist Squire Strahan of Trilogy Tattoos in Florida.

 Drew Linden is a beloved resident artist at Eight of Swords, known for her romantic floral designs inspired by both traditional tattooing and folk art. Drew began working in a tattoo shop at age 19, quickly falling in love with the industry and apprenticing at Flesh Skin Graphics in Imperial Beach, CA not long after. She has been tattooing for eight years.  For this show, she’ll shy away from tattoo flash, her primary form of painting, towards liquid acrylic on paper. She wants to illustrate her own spiritual journey through mystical and religious imagery, reimagined with an esoteric, wood-carving style and incorporating bits of tattoo influence.

 Squire Strahan is a co-owner and resident artist at Trilogy Tattoos, a young but promising shop in Brandon, Florida. Squire began tattooing nearly ten years ago, but has been creating art for much longer. With this show he’ll translate his eye for brilliant neo-traditional imagery onto paper in a retro-futuristic style born out of a penchant for 80s Sci-Fi films.

Experience talented artists creating something outside their comfort zone. This show represents a meaningful and personal journey shared between two creative minds. Each artists’ work complements the others under a shared theme. Complimentary drinks will be served and renowned NYC photographer Igor Smith will be capturing the event. Take this opportunity to view and purchase beautiful new artwork from local artists. DREW-Squire_Eleven_flyer_8x11