Eight of Swords invites you to join us on Friday, October 11th from 7-11pm for the opening night of “Splendid Trespass”. After party at Passenger Bar from 11pm to close.

Forget what you know of the worlds of the seen and unseen as the artists pass through treacherous rabbit holes, secret doorways, and perilous places to reveal what exists between the edge of light and shadow. Discover mischievous personalities, transformed creatures, and the darker spaces where myth and imagination hold sway.

About the Artists:

Carisa Swenson’s passion for creating curious creatures springs from many sources—a love of Greek mythology and Ray Harryhausen’s creations when she was a child, an appreciative eye for Henson Workshop in her teens, to the weird and wonderful films of Jan Svankmajer and The Brothers Quay in her twenties. But when Carisa studied with world-renowned doll artist Wendy Froud, the final die was cast: posable dolls would forever own her soul and trouble her nights, stirring her with a fervor that could only be quelled by stitching and sculpting her dreams into reality. Since 2006 Carisa’s work has exhibited widely throughout the US, as well as internationally, and has been featured in several publications such as Spectrum. Carisa has an unhealthy obsession with rabbits and rabbit tales which she blames squarely on “Watership Down”. Both the book and the movie. Especially the movie.

EC Steiner has always been fascinated with things more foul than fair and driven by the desire to create works that occupy physical spaces with a curious sense of presence. Drawing heavily from a love of mythic art, classical horror, and surreal fantasy, Steiner blurs the line between the realms of character art and creature design to fashion aberrant personalities that exist as outsiders, aggressors, and keepers of secret knowledge. He is quick to cite Saturday afternoon spook shows as early inspirations and the extradimensional writings of Michael Moorcock, the unsettling artistry of Harry Clarke, and the unrestrained imaginations of Guillermo Del Toro and Yasushi Nirasawa as immediate influences. In the northern corridor of the Atlanta Sprawl, Steiner operates a private, independent studio where his new projects explore a yearning for complex visual narratives and continue to seek out the spaces between the sensuous and the grotesque.

The paintings will be on display in our gallery until November 6th.

RSVP here: “Splendid Trespass”