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8oS_RoseFrudakis_frontThe Eight of Swords gallery invites you to join us for the opening night of “Felines & Femmes” featuring the art of Betty Rose and Barbie Frudakis on Friday, June 14th from 7-11pm. These two artists have come together to create a wonderful display of lovely ladies and frisky felines. Their whimsical paintings are full of energy, life and a little bit of cat hair.

This event is sponsored by our friends at Coney Island Lager and will also feature a special wine tasting table by Brooklyn Oenology. The after party will be held at Passenger Bar from 11-close.

For more info and to RSVP please click  here 

About the Artists:

Betty Rose: Artist, Dreamer, Cat Lover

In her formative years, Betty spent most of her time as team captain of the Sheepshead Bay Zinfandels, the premier franchise in New York’s professional spelunking league. As the ward of a legendary caving aficionado Betty traveled widely, frequently, and at no expense spared.
Consequently, she was exposed to faraway lands, unusual cultures, strange musical landscapes, and occasional gastrointestinal disorders.

Tired of traveling, Betty took a break from her beloved caving to study the sociological aspects of Suessian folklore, and the relationship between green eggs, hatted cats and loraxes. Her work — and translations of original source material to English — kept her busy for months. Busy, that is, until she mistakenly opened a letter from one of her guardian’s most enthusiastic fans. Attached to the letter was a photograph of the fan’s chest, back, arms and legs — covered in tattoos of images of Betty’s accomplished benefactor.

After some initial shock, Betty found herself moved by the photo, and soon set out to become a tattooer. From that moment on and to this very day, Betty did little else but study and practice the art of tattooing.

Barbie Frudakis: Illustrator and Photographer

Barbie Frudakis is a true New Yorker, born and raised on Long Island. She spent her childhood
drawing and admiring old photos, so it’s no surprise that she pursued degrees in photography and illustration. Her work is often described as “whimsical with an edge”. She draws inspiration for this distinction from a variety of favorite genres, including, horror, pin-up, and even cartoons.

Barbie dreams of becoming a children’s book illustrator, which is partially motivated by her love of working from home in her underpants. She currently lives, dreams and creates in Brooklyn, New York.