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Eight of Swords and the ladies of 8oS -Sophie C’est la Vie, Karen Rockower Glass and Zoe Bean- who coordinated “Broads for a Cause”, would like to thank everyone that came out to the “Broads for a Cause” Silent Auction Art Benefit! It was such a huge success and we have raised a lot for Planned Parenthood. Thank you to Amanda Grace Leadman, Anna Melo, Annie Loyd, Betty Rose, Becca Roach, Camila Rocha, Claire Innit, Cristina Garcia, Debra Yarian, Drew Linden, Elvia Gezlev, Emily Sartor, Emma Griffiths, Gillian Goldstein, Hillary Fisher White, Holly Sullivan,  Jess Versus, Jo Lind, Joy Rumore,  Kati Vaughn, Katja Ramirez, Kirsten Wagner, Lara Scotton, Linda Wulkan, Liz Huston, Magie Serpica, Mia Graffam, Michelle Tarantelli, Mina Aoki, Nicoz Balboa, Nyahzul, Sarah Best, Sarah Rockower, Tamara Santibanez, Tasha Rubinow, Tiny Miss Becca, Virginia Elwood  for donating wonderful pieces for the cause.
Thank you to Sean Smith our photographer for the event that took all of the images in this slide show!

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