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With the recent launch of Lady Tattooers, a website dedicated to showcasing some incredible work from female tattooers around the world, we spoke with one of the website’s curators Betty Rose to find out all about the site, how tattooists can get involved and of course her own tattoo career.

Betty-Rose-with-Leo“My name is Betty Rose and I’m a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist and painter at Eight of Swords Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My career began with an apprenticeship in 2004 and after eight years of working at a studio in Manhattan, I left NYC to travel for a year. Returning in 2013, I took up residency at Eight of Swords Tattoo.”


Things & Ink asked…

How do you decide which women to showcase? What do you hope the future will hold for Lady Tattooer?

The decision on who to showcase is based on a few different factors like talent, experience, etc. No one factor determines the decision; ultimately the decision comes down to what I think. On rare occasions I’ll put a Lady Tattooer to the front of the line because they inspire me on some level, or because I’ve been a fan of their work for a long time.

The future is such a tricky question…we only launched a few weeks ago and our original plan was going to have slow growth over time, but then we found out that people liked what we made. Since then we’ve re-evaluated our plans because of some amazing offers we’ve been getting. In short we don’t know if we’ll be doing anything different or if we’ll be releasing anything new, what you can count on is that we’ll definitely continue to publish posts on amazing Lady Tattooers every week.

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The Tarot Show

Eight of Swords Tattoo presents The Tarot Show. Artistic interpretations of the tarot including paintings, photography & mixed media. Please join us for the opening reception on August 8th from 7p-11p. All are welcome! *Free drinks

Artists include: Dave C. Wallin, Betty Rose, Collin Epstein, Guy Ursitti, Zoe Bean, Rebecca Handler, Shannon Daugherty and Sam Sieger!

tarot show_highcontrast

The Eight of Swords Art Gallery Hosts The 3rd Annual ”Ladies, Ladies!” Group Art Show!


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ladiesladies_front2The “Ladies, Ladies!” art show is a collection of works from both established and emerging female artists in the world of tattooing. Eight of Swords is excited to be the host of the third installment of this show in which female tattoo artists come together to prove that their work can turn heads just as well as their looks.

This event is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Jack From Brooklyn.

There will be an after party held at Passenger Bar (S3rd and Roebling). Drink specials all night with the show flyer, so be sure to pick one up before you leave!

The show:
With all the interest on television about tattooing these days, Ladies, Ladies! Art show, is an exhibition of the serious, albeit sometimes playful, side of what it takes to be a talented artist in the industry. Each of the over 60 artists that are participating have created original pieces of art to display for the event. While some of the artists may be familiar names in the world of tattooing, other participants are just breaking onto the scene. Ladies, Ladies! Art show is a means of representing the progress made by female artists in the once male dominated field of tattooing. The art show is also meant to pay respect to the old timers of the industry, the Ladies that paved the way for all others to come.

The artists:
Included in this years international line-up are: Rose Hardy, Ashley Love, Kate Hellenbrandt, Kit King, Drew Linden, Karen Glass, Alix Ge, Anna Melo, Mina Aoki, Marie Sena, Alexandra Skarsgård, Debra Yarian, Lara Scotton, Bruna Yonashiro, Gillian Goldstein, Miss Marshall, Lola Garcia, Viola von Hell, Zoe Bean, Dana Melissa Dixon, and many more.

The curators:
Curated by two Staten Island based tattooers, Elvia Iannaccone-Gezlev, who works at Masterpiece Tattoo, and Magie Serpica, an owner of Milk & Honey Tattoo, Ladies, Ladies! Art show has become their pet project. After working in the tattoo industry for a combined 25 plus years, both Ms. Serpica and Mrs.Iannaccone-Gezlev are familiar with what it takes and the extra work it requires to be a respected tattoo artist.

For more information on Ladies, Ladies! Art show, you can contact Elvia or Magie at LadiesLadiesArtShow@gmail.com,
or visit the website http://ladiesladies.wix.com/artshow

These works will be on display at the gallery through June 12th

RSVP here: Ladies, Ladies!

Event Reminder! – This Friday, April 11th 7-11 is the Opening Night of “Equinox Solstice” by Gerald Feliciano


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Just a reminder to join us for our next gallery opening, “Equinox Solstice”, featuring the works of Gerald Feliciano. 

The event is sponsored by Industry City Distillery and Blue Point Brewing Company. Our lovely back patio will be open so you can enjoy libations outdoors after perusing the gallery.

After the opening event, head over to Passenger Bar (S3rd and Roebling) with us as we keep the party going with drink specials when you bring the flyer with you. Be sure to pick one up at Eight of Swords before you leave!

RSVP and more info: here

geraldsneakpeek 8ofswords.com 718-387-9673 8ofswordstattoo.tumblr.com

The Eight of Swords Art Gallery presents “Equinox Solstice”, featuring Art Nouveau inspired works by Gerald Feliciano – Friday, April 11th 7-11pm


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gerald invite2

Please join us as we celebrate the coming of spring with the opening reception of “Equinox Solstice” by Gerald Feliciano. This event is sponsored by Industry City Distillery and Blue Point Brewing Company. Our lovely back patio will be open so you can enjoy libations outdoors after perusing the gallery.

There will be an after party held at Passenger Bar (S3rd and Roebling). Drink specials all night with the show flyer, so be sure to pick one up before you leave!

Gerald Feliciano is a painter and tattoo artist at Leathernecks tattoo and East Side Ink in New York. His art career began at the Virginia Commonwealth University where he was exposed to an array of different artists and art mediums. He later became obsessed with tattoo art, its history and its traditions. As a young tattooer he’d always respected and admired artists who painted and used other mediums to express their form of style. Feeling that it was imperative to be well rounded, he started researching art history and found inspiration in the late 1800’s Art Nouveau and art Deco periods. “I love the way Art Nouveau translates to skin, the usage of line weight, color contrasts, and movement really gives a tattoo life and body. What i enjoy the most is the challenge of taking traditional tattoo subject matter and creating something that fits in the realm of nouveau.” says Gerald.

“Equinox Solstice” is a collection of works inspired by the passing of time and seasons. Using limited color palettes, Gerald plans to give the viewer a sense of seasonal time and mood.

The works will be on display in our gallery until May 14th.

RSVP here: “Equinox Solstice”

Photos from the opening reception of “Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom!”


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Stay tuned to 8ofswords.com to purchase originals and prints!


This Friday, March 14th is the opening reception for “Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom!” Please join us from 7-11pm!


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Just a reminder to come join us for our “Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom” this Friday, March 14th from 7-11pm.

This event is sponsored by the Bronx Brewery and The Noble Experiment.

After the opening event, head over to Passenger Bar (S3rd and Roebling) with us as we keep the party going. There will be drink specials with the flyer so please be sure to pick one up at Eight of Swords before you leave!

susancrawfordRSVP and more info: here

Eight of Swords presents “Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom”, Friday March 14th 7-11pm


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Please join us for a night of art and libations on Friday March 14th from 7-11pm, sponsored by the Bronx Brewery and The Noble Experiment.

There will be an after party held at Passenger Bar (S3rd and Roebling). Drink specials all night with the show flyer, so be sure to pick one up before you leave!

“Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom” is comprised of a series of pieces that began as notebook sketches of the plants and animals near the artist’s home in Mount Holly NJ. Although she’s encountered spectacular species while diving and hiking in places like Australia, Belize, South Africa and Mexico, sketching the local flora and fauna led her to notice the subtle and unique beauty of these common species closer to home. In particular, she found the ones living in the New Jersey Pine Barrens to be the most inspiring. “The stillness I find there allows me to lose myself, to get in touch with my animal senses: movement, shape, color and sound,” says Susan. And like a magpie, I never seem to return from these sojourns without a souvenir, like a bit of bone, a feather, leaf or a stone.”

A lifetime of observing living things has given Susan the ability to break down subjects into their essential parts. She looks past the individual animal to reveal its rhythm of color and form, taking those lyrical qualities and creating an iconic emblem of nature.
About the Artist:

After giving marine biology a try in college, Susan decided to fall back on a more stable and lucrative profession: illustration. With her artist/writer husband Allen Crawford, she formed Plankton Art Company in 1999.

Susan’s stylized, graceful forms are largely inspired by nature and mid-century modernism. She has worked for Target, Warner Bros., Chronicle Books, Knopf, Ride Snowboards, Hasbro, National Geographic Kids Magazine, Discovery Channel and The Smithsonian National Zoo. The most ambitious project she’s ever worked on was a series of 400 hand-rendered identification key illustrations of fish, plants and other undersea creatures for The American Museum of Natural History’s Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, where her drawings are on permanent display.

Susan’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited at numerous galleries, most notably the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea. She lives in a historic Quaker town in Central New Jersey, where she often goes on kayak trips in the Pine Barrens to look for tree frogs and orchids.

The works will be on display in our gallery until April 10th.

RSVP here: “Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom”


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